PSA Birmingham June 2023: Burning brightly in Birmingham

05 June|18:00 - 20:45|The Arden Hotel - Solihull - See full address

About this event

Don’t take your brilliance for granted! In June at Birmingham PSA the focus is on burning brightly to build better businesses while becoming brilliant!. Our meeting begins with refreshments and networking from 6.00pm, (though I’ll be there from about 545pm) with a prompt – and slightly earlier – 6.20pm start with our speakers.


We will begin with two fabulous showcases: first from from an up and coming PSA Member, Larissa Gray– we can’t wait to see Larissa speak! She will be followed by Lise Kaye-Bell who is most definitely “not just an old lady with PowerPoint” (her words!). The showcases provide an opportunity for Larissa and Lise to grow with some professional feedback, and us all to learn different aspects of our craft from observation and review.


Then, after a short break…


Our leading Keynote this month comes from the fabulous Donna Smith, who will be speaking about How to overcome three self-sabotaging barriers to being a successful speaker.

This masterclass is for you if you want to Burn Bright (not out!) in your speaking business BUT…

  • You feel like it is all work and no play! There never seems to be the right BALANCE in place.
  • You seem to say yes to everyone else’s demands – clients, colleagues, family, your pet(!) – and your needs hardly ever get a look in!
  • Your BOUNDARIES are virtually non-existent.
  • You BELIEVE the only way to be a successful speaker is to work hard, work long hours and never switch off (even though you know that current approach is not working out so well for you!).

Let Donna help you to get out of your own way…So you can get on with enjoying the craft of speaking…So you can make a positive difference for the clients you serve…So you can BURN BRIGHT in your speaking business!


Speakers who are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out or who want to avoid feeling that way.

By the end of this masterclass, my aim is that you will be able to:

  • Create more BALANCE in your speaking business (and life)
  • Establish more BOUNDARIES around what is important to you which are respected and adhered to (by you & others)
  • Discover the key BELIEF which has been guiding your actions as a speaker so far (and decide whether it needs an upgrade)

Keynote speakers

Donna Smith
Donna Smith

Donna made her dream of running her own coaching business a reality in 2017 and now works with lawyers, helping them to ‘Burn Bright’, not out!

Event agenda

Networking and refreshments – with fab chips!
Welcome from Regional President Phil Ingle
Showcase - Larissa Gray
Showcase - Lise Kaye-Bell
Short break
Keynote - Donna Smith - Burning Bright Masterclass
Reflections and Just One Thing
Thank you & good night, with the bar nearby if you like….

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PSA Birmingham June 2023: Burning brightly in Birmingham

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