Fellows’ Summer Forum: Focus on Sharing

21 June|10:30 - 16:00|Malmaison, Brighton Marina - See full address

About this event

This time, our focus is on sharing. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get on the day:

Marcela Kunova from brings us the training perspective, in a short talk plus Q&A. How do they pick trainers? What makes a good trainer? Which courses sell and why? What can trainers do to help sell their courses? What’s changed in the training world since covid? On-site v Zoom v pre-recorded training? Anything else that would be useful for trainers to know?

Steve Chapman delivers an interactive talk about creativity. He’s the artist who created a silly painting that morphed from a playful question into a physically viral poster campaign. His session will leave you entertained, inspired and with permission to be weird!

• Our fellow Fellow, Andy Lopata PSAE is going to bring a collaborative idea from one of the UK’s best loved songwriters and pop stars into the world of PSA Fellows. Make sure your boots are made for walking and let’s work together!

• In response to popular demand, Sylvie Di Giusto CSP Zooms in to lift the lid on how she’s used the principle of ‘sharing’ to succeed across all aspects of her business. In particular, she’ll discuss the stagecraft element – how you share from the stage, including the holographic experience. This is less of a presentation and more of a conversation + Q&A.

Christiana Loizides from Sheridans will join us to discuss key risks and considerations to bear in mind when it comes to protecting your speaking business, including examples of best practice and when people have come a cropper. What are the different ways in which we should protect ourselves from a legal perspective? Why is it important to do so? Understanding IP protection, the process for securing copyright, and how to ensure your business is compliant.

Note that this will be a hybrid event so you also have the option of attending on Zoom.

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Keynote speakers

Marcela Kunova
Steve Chapman
Andy Lopata
Sylvie Di Giusto
Christiana Loizides
Marcela Kunova

Marcela Kunova is an editor at, the training company which has booked at least three Fellows that we know of. She covers media news, organises the Newsrewired conferences and arranges media training courses. Before that, she was an assistant editor at Citywealth, trained at CNN in London and worked as a freelance journalist with work published in The Guardian, The Independent, CNN and the Huffington Post, amongst others. Connect with her on LinkedIn

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman AKA @stevexoh from Can Scorpions Smoke is an artist, writer, speaker, consultant and coach interested in creativity and the human condition. He spent 20 years in the corporate world in senior culture change/human development roles before moving out to work independently in 2011. Since then he has worked with over 80 organisations, helping them to liberate the creative spirit of the human beings within them. Check him out at

Andy Lopata

Andy Lopata PSAE is known for his expertise in building professional relationships. He has written six books on networking and professional relationships, with his sixth book, ‘The Financial Times Guide to Mentoring’ published in Spring 2024. He writes a regular blog for Psychology Today and has often been quoted in the media, including The Sunday Times, The Financial Times and Inc. In fact, the FT called Andy ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ and both and The Independent called him ‘a true master of networking’. Find him at

Sylvie Di Giusto

Sylvie Di Giusto CSP is an international keynote speaker who talks about Emotional Intelligence for sales and leadership, helping professionals make intentional choices to sell faster, leader better and persuade instantly. Discover more at

Christiana Loizides

Christiana Loizides is a partner at Sheridans law firm. She advises on matters involving the infringement of intellectual property rights, including trade mark infringement, copyright and design right infringement and passing off. In addition, Christiana has run anti-counterfeiting programs for her clients. She acts for an extensive client base, including fashion houses and media companies. Here’s her profile

Event agenda

Arrival, Refreshments
Marcela Kunova re: the Training perspective
Steve Chapman re: Unleashing creativity
Andy Lopata re: Collaboration
Working lunch / Walk and talk
Pairs to feedback their commitments to the group
Sylvie di Gusto re: Sharing from the stage
Christiana Loizides re: Copyright & IP law
Wrap up

The venue

Get in touch with the organiser

Jackie Barrie

Joint President of the Fellows’ Community

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Fellows’ Summer Forum: Focus on Sharing

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