Connection & Community – as well as Continuous Growth

27th July 2023 | By Chantal Cornelius

Connection & Community – as well as Continuous Growth

Why do people join the PSA?

When we’ve asked our members why they joined the PSA, many tell us that it was to help them grow their speaking business and learn to speak better. They wanted to connect with other people in their industry who could motivate, inspire and support them. They want to hear from other professional speakers who can share advice and help them get more well-paid speaking events – whether for keynotes, workshops, seminars, coaching or training. They want to get their names known by other speakers who might be able to recommend them for speaking or training opportunities.

Why do our members stay with the PSA?

When we ask our members why they stay, they give us a very different answer. They tell us that it’s about the people. They discover that the PSA is a community built on respect and encouragement, which lets them become part of a very supportive community. Our members are always ready to listen, offer advice and help, bolstering fellow members on their speaking journeys.

It’s about the people!

What does this mean? Here are some of the less tangible benefits of being part of the PSA:

  • A safe space to ask for help – there’s always someone happy to chat through your concerns. Our Facebook group is a great place to ask for help.
  • A support network of like-minded people running their own businesses and going through what you’re going through.
  • Feedback on your material from people who want to see you succeed. Need feedback on your new talk? Ask another member for advice, and they will happily share their time with other members.

Here’s what some of our members said recently in our Members’ Only Facebook group when we asked them what they love about the PSA:

“Last week, another member stayed with us after speaking at PSA Thames Valley. We discovered a shared passion for photography and were reminded that we had first met at a Speak Better day many years ago. Along the way, I’ve learned that this is a journey with many friends and supporters. What’s been has been fantastic; what is to come will, I am sure, be even better.”

“For me, it has and continues to be a home where I can support others and be supported. I use the word ‘home’ deliberately. Oh, and it’s huge fun!”

“Over the last ten years, the PSA has enabled me to meet some wonderful people, given me back the sense of community I lost when another network closed down and has enabled me to dramatically improve the quality, impact and professionalism of my talks – whether on stage, on screen or online in small groups. To be fair, it’s members of the PSA who have done these things.”

Those are direct quotes from our members. They know what it’s about to be a member; they will tell you what the PSA is really about.

If you’ve not yet experienced our connection, community and continuous growth for your speaking business, we’d like to invite you as a guest to a couple of our regional events. If you buy a ticket before the end of September for any regional event running before the end of 2023, you can get a 50% discount on the ticket price! Click here to see all our forthcoming events.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Reasons to join the PSA

  • Supportive community
  • Learn from others
  • Join an one of our 15 regional centres
  • Meet like minded people
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