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Join our speaking community for the support you need to speak more and to speak better.

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Make connections with professional speakers who can motivate, inspire and support you.

When you join the PSA, you join a community of speakers working towards a shared ambition of professional speaking excellence.

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Why join us

Our members choose us for our values


We RESPECT one another, taking pride in creating a professional environment where our Members collaborate freely and generously.


We strive for EXCELLENCE. Professionalism and strong ethics are at the heart of what we do. Every member takes ownership of their personal growth to ensure our professional speaking community exudes excellence.


We value CONNECTION. It’s all about building a community! Our strength and power as a speaking association are forged through coming together and sharing our experiences and expertise.

And for our support:

Continuous Growth

The PSA knows that growth is central to any business’s long-term survival and success. However, there will be challenges and changes to achieve your speaking business goals. Let us help you reach your potential.

Community Events

We want everyone to be in the room where it happens. Our local, national and international events bring our community together to connect, learn and be inspired. When we work together, we create infinite possibilities for professional and personal progress.

Speakers’ Hub

There is a wealth of resources in our library of videos, created specifically by speakers for speakers. Members can find guidance, resources and tips you need to develop your speaking skills, grow your business and polish up your existing skills. Visit the Speakers’ Hub here.

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